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Department of Social Services

Diocese of Kothamangalam

Value Addition and Marketing

Value Addition and Marketing

  • KSSS started swasraya stall in 2006 March, to provide quality products to the people at a low price. Presently KSSS distributes more than 40 types of products through this stall. KSSS is giving training to the SHGs and credit unions members in the production of low cost quality products Also KSSS ells soap powder, soaps, shampoo, hair oils, migraine oil, Phenoil, Honey etc. Kits of raw materials are also sold. It also aims at self-employment opportunities to the people. The stall is presently situated in the premises of Vijnana bhavan.

  • Jeevodaya Milk Project, is spread over the regions of Idukki and Ernakulam Districts, particularly in the hilly regions. Presently, there are around 72 farmers dairy societies, out of which 38 are affiliated ones and the rest are independent units. The affiliated units function according to the rules and regulations stipulated by the Central Society, whereas individuals administer the independent ones. These societies collect daily about 10000 liters of cow milk from the farmers. The Central Society extends assistance in the formation, management and administration of Societies, for the collection and marketing of milk.

    At present, there are about 750 sales agencies, covering five districts of Kerala which are directly engaged in the sale of milk and milk products under the brand name "JEEVA MILK".

    Jeeva Products

    • Jeeva Toned Milk
    • Jeeva Thick Butter Milk (Curd)
    • Jeeva Ghee
    • Jeeva Sambaram
    • Jeeva Sip-up