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Department of Social Services

Diocese of Kothamangalam

Disaster Management and Relief Programmes

Disaster Management and Relief Programmes

Disaster Management

KSSS is well experienced in relief and rehabilitation programme, especially in the time of flood and landslide in the highranges in the past. KSSS, the front-runner NGO in the operational area, caters to the needs of the victims. Through this programme KSSS provides the services like. Medical aids, financial assistance for victims, assistance for land reclamation and farming, assistance in rescue, distribution of foods and materials providing shelter and open relief camps, counseling etc.

KSSS Chikungunia relief programme - backed by caritas India

KSSS conducted various medical camps with the support of local parishes and distributed medicines and food kits to the victims of chikungunia epidemic. KSSS conducted various awareness camps in various credit unions, distributed leaflets and materials in many places in our operational area.