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Department of Social Services

Diocese of Kothamangalam

Natural Resource Management (NRM)

Natural Resource Management (NRM)

Idukki and Ernakulam districts in Kerala face water scarcity, soil erosion, absence of water harvesting mechanisms, low productivity in agriculture and negligence of food crops. Excess use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides in the agricultural field, repeated past attack and plant disease, and had been causing severe problems in our operational area.

Past four decades KSSS focused its attention mainly on natural resource management (NRM). The important projects and interventions of KSSS in this area are as follows:

  • Conscientization and Awareness Building
  • Promotion of rainwater harvesting systems
  • Promotion of the use of renewable energy sources
  • Watershed management
  • Conservation of bio-diversity
  • Promotion of organic farming
  • Fighting against environmental pollution
  • Awareness programs and campaign
  • Distribution of materials and plants.
  • Value addition and marketing

JALATHARANG (Integrated watershed management programme)

KSSS has succesfully completed two drinking water projects at Anchiri in Idukki district under Jalatharang programme with the support of SAFPI under SPED 1 programme. At present KSSS is implementing Vadattupara watershed programme in Ernakulum district under SPED II programme with the support of SAFPI. The main objectives of Jalatharang programme were house construction, house repairing, construction of double pit latrins, water and soil conservation trainings, natural resource management, promotion of agriculture, organic farming, kitchen gardens, construction of soak pits, well renevation and recharging, back yard poultry, goat rearing and rain water harvesting system.

Drinking water programmes

Since 1990 KSSS gives more importance to drinking water programmes because people are suffering from the scarcity of drinking water. KSSS has decided to promote more Ferro cement tank, Rain water harvesting systems, Renovation of wells, construction of new wells, check dams, mini water supply schemes with the support of SAFP(I). In 2005 KSSS started two small drinking water projects at Anchiri in Idukki district. More than 60 families enjoy the benefit of this project.

SolarLight and Panels

KSSS is supplying solar equipments and lights to the needy people at subsidized rate. KSSS is providing solar lights with the support of Anert. It is a great help to the people who lock electricity facilities. KSSS is providing solar home lighting system and solar water heater to the needy.