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Department of Social Services

Diocese of Kothamangalam

Community Health Programs

Community Health Programs

KSSS launched "Jeevavardhini programs" during the year 1996, which benefited more than 9820 families. KSSS gives much importance to the health of people in our operational area. The main areas of attention of KSSS are awareness and prevention of disease, treatment of epidemic like Chickungunia and other viral fevers. KSSS provides awareness on HIV/AIDS and arranges for the rehabilitation of AIDS patients.

Areas of Intervention

  • Awareness campaign
  • Medical camps
  • Distribution of medicines and food
  • Promotion of herbal medicines
  • Promotion of medical insurance
  • Prevention programs of AIDS and communicable diseases

  • Vikas Bhavan Dispensary & Marien Health Center
  • KSSS runs two dispensaries in its operational area. One dispensary is at Neriamangalam and the other is at Vadattupara. Both the places are isolated and undeveloped areas. Through these centers KSSS provides medical assistance and medicines, and organizes chikungunia medical camps, awareness programs classes etc.

  • Chikungunia awareness and relief program
  • KSSS conducted various medical camps with the support of local parishes and distributed medicines and food kits to the victims of chikunguneia epidemic. KSSS conducted various awareness camps among various credit unions, distributed leaflets and materials in various places in our operational area.